A downloadable Demo for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Set in a dystopian oligarchic future where artificial intelligence regularly go rogue. Play as a corporate sanctioned AI decommissioner tasked with reaching and rebooting AIs once the inevitable happens.

Armed with your trusty MK. I laser explore a sprawling station filled with many secrets on this job that is turning out to be unlike any other previous one.


  • Intuitive 360° shooting
  • Tight platforming controls
  • Diverse and unique enemies
  • Large open world to explore
  • Multiple upgrades to help you on your quest
  • Item shops
  • Puzzles
  • Metroidvania progression
  • Many secrets to uncover
  • Immersive story
  • Cutscenes

This is an alpha build of the game. If you stumble upon a bug. please let me know in the form bellow or in the comments. Thank you!

after you've played the demo, I'd appreciate it if you took the time to fill in the questionnaire bellow. this will greatly help me improve the future releases of the game and create a better experience for everyone.


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luna_alpha_0.2.1.x86_64 45 MB
Version 0.2.1 Sep 19, 2021
luna-osx-bonus.zip 33 MB
Version 0.2.1 Sep 19, 2021
luna_alpha_0.2.1.exe 44 MB
Version 0.2.1 Sep 19, 2021

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Game is very good. Graphics are simple but still looking good. Sound design is also simple but good and are adding even more to dark atmosphere of this game. Controls are comfortable and responsive.

And bugs are fixed! Also I like that flies are dying when they touch you. It's nerfing them a bit but still leaves that challenge when fighting them. And I also like that scraps are now flying towards player when they get close enough. Thanks to that, I don't need to sometimes chase them far back down.

So now all I can say is, that I am waiting for full game.


nice work. it's a little hard to see the enemies sometimes because of the color scheme, but its not very big of a deal. i think you could go without mixels, but its a personal preference. other than that, it's metroid with free aim... hard to go wrong with that. maybe you could stand to include a mechanic that subverts the expectations, tho


Amazing game, I really love the ambiance and the art


Super fun to play and move throughout this world. Love the sound design, especially. It feels very "game-y". I love the design on the characters, too. Especially Ceres. Can't wait to play the finished game.

Enemies are sometimes a bit tough to hit -- specifically the sentries. It feels like my shots go through them without doing damage more often than not. It can help with the game feel a bit if you make enemy hitboxes a little bit bigger than the enemy actually is -- same way that hazards have smaller hitboxes than collectables that are the same size.

Another thing: if you die in the generator room, there's no way to get back to your corpse without damage boosting at the top laser. The timings just don't work.

There's a good number of spelling and grammar mistakes. Would be happy to proofread for you free of charge.

Overall, REALLY enjoyed the game! The gravity puzzles were pretty fun. Found the pomao too. NICE. Can't wait to play it when it's finished.


Great game with tight controls, try giving the floating enemies a round collision shape maybe so they don't get stuck so often though.

Thank you for playing Jimpa! would you believe me if I told you their collision is already round? I greatly appreciate your feedback!