Luna - Alpha 0.2 patch note

Hello Everyone! Thank you for your feedback during the last week. With your help I was able to squash some bugs and change some aspects of the game to make it more accessible so without further ado, here is today's patch note!

Luna - Alpha 0.2 Patch note:

  • add down press to move camera down
  •  fix turret sound repeat bug
  •  change the first save location so it cannot be missed
  •  fix issue with player unpausing during upgrade pickups
  •  make currency fly towards the player when getting close enough
  •  hungry vines die after a couple hits
  •  flies now die upon damaging the player


luna_alpha_0.2.exe 44 MB
78 days ago 31 MB
78 days ago
luna_alpha_0.2.x86_64 45 MB
78 days ago

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