Play as various hungry frogs in their quest to satiate their endless hunger.

Now with an online leaderboard! Who will be the hungriest frog!?

Press M to mute the music.

Development log


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What about keyboard controls?

how would that work?

Justification: Many people like being able to let go of the mouse, it also makes the game playable on all those systems that have buttons right?

Method: Therefore you could rework the game so the mouse still works, but it just shifts the targeting to move around an arch around the frog showing a dotted line up to the arch of the trajectory of the tongue. Then it could be connected to keys too, up/down/spacebar where you hold space for length.

Benefit: You could add a dynamic where the arch expands if you eat something that improves the frogs eyesight, effectively the wider the targeting arch the more accurate the frog. The arch could always gradually shrink back creating another decision over what to eat.